Private Makeup Tutorials

Makeover and update your makeup bag. Learn the skills to keep your makeup fresh and to take your daytime look easily into night. Niania specializes in clean makeup so looks are designed to compliment and enhance while staying simple. If makeup is complicated, it’s just not worth it.


Private, One On One Makeup Lessons
2 hour minimum                     $350 (2 HOURS)
– Additional Time                    $125/each additional hour


Private “Skype” Lesson*
90 minute minimum               $225 (90 minutes)
– Additional Time                     $100/each additional hour


Hands-On Group Lesson*
3 1/2 hour Hands-On Lesson  $165/pp (5 min, 12 max)


2 hour live demonstration*
– Makeup model provided       $95/pp (5 person min)


*Our makeup tutorials are tailored to our client’s desires. Possible tutorial topics may include the follow:

  • Natural application skills
  • Dramatic / Evening application skills
  • Blending / Contouring techniques
  • Personal makeup assessment / recommendations
  • Foundation Matching
  • Skin care
    …and more!